Bitcoin2x for Businesses

Bitcoin2x is one of the most secure and cost effective ways to handle payments for business owners.

IconPick your own fees

You don’t have to pay anything to receive Bitcoin2x. You get to choose how high of a fee you pay - the higher the fee the faster the transaction confirmation time. These fees are also unrelated to the amount transferred, meaning you can send 1,000 Bitcoin2xs for the same price as 0.01 Bitcoin2x.

IconFraud protection

Today’s businesses are no strangers to reversed payments with PayPAl or other credit cards. These chargeback frauds can cost you both time and money. Bitcoin2x payments, however, are secure and irreversible. This means you no longer have to carry the burden of fraud.

IconQuick and easy international payments

Bitcoin2x can be sent across the world with the same ease of sending a payment to someone in the same room. There is no elongated waiting time, no lofty international transfer fees, and no limiatitations on how much you can send.

IconNo need for PCI compliance

Since Bitcoin2x transactions don’t involve sensitive information such as credit card numbers, you don’t have to carry the responsibilities and costs associated with meeting PCI compliance regulations or processing sensitive information.

IconReceive free visibility from a booming market

Accepting Bitcoin2x helps businesses connect with the emerging market of cryptocurrencies. Allowing your customers to use this new payment method can help increase sales from users who prefer to use Bitcoin2x.

IconMulti-signature authorization

Bitcoin2x also comes with a multi-signature authorization feature that only allows tokens to be spent if a required subset of a group of people sign off on the transaction. This is useful for businesses with multiple parties required to approve transactions, as it can prevent any single member from spending money without express consent from other members.

IconTransparent accounting

Bitcoin2x allows for simple and accurate accounting, allowing business owners to view and verify their transactions and balances.