Bitcoin2x for Developers

Bitcoin2x provides developers with a world of opportunity.

IconEasy and Quick Payments

Receiving a payment in Bitcoin2x is as simple as sending your public Bitcoin2x address. It also costs you nothing to accept a payment.

IconAccess to third party APIs

There are many third party APIs designed to help you process invoices and exchange Bitcoin2x at extremely competitive prices. This means you don’t have to handle the burden of storing bitcoins on your server.

IconBecome your own financial center

You can directly integrate Bitcoin2x nodes into your applications without the use of any third party APIs. This means you can essentially become your own payment processor and bank. You can also build systems that seamlessly process Bitcoin2x transactions.

IconTrack invoices via Bitcoin2x addresseTts

Each transaction comes with a unique address, meaning all you would need to do to build a payment system is generate and monitor Bitcoin2x addresses for each payment. However, be careful not to recycle the same address for multiple transactions.

IconBurden of security is mitigated by protocols

Although most of the security is handled by the protocol and there is no need for PCI compliance, there are still precautions you must take to secure your wallet. You should also use HTTPS and other industry leading security protocls when sending payment requests to customers.

IconAbility to accept new forms of payment

Bitcoin2x not only allows you to accept payments from different customers, but it also allows you to create all sorts of creative online services that were otherwise limited by traditional financial limitations. For example, you can create tipping systems, crowd-funding services, time locked payment management, public asset tracking, automated payment solutions, low-trust escrow services, and whatever else you can think up within the range of possibilities.