Bitcoin2x for Individuals

Bitcoin2x allows for simple exchanges at extremely low costs.

IconEasy Mobile Payments

No need for card swipes or signatures, Bitcoin2x makes it easy to pay anyone in two simple and quick steps. All you need is your Bitcoin2x wallet address and you’re good to go!

IconIndustry-leading security and control over your money

Bitcoin2x transactions are powered by blockchain and have some of the best security in the world. No one can charge you or make payments for you without your consent. However, you must take adequate precautions to protect your wallet.

IconWorks anytime, anywhere

The Bitcoin2x network works 24/7/365. You can send payments anywhere in the world at anytime with some of the lowest transactions fees yet.

IconQuick and easy international payments

Bitcoin2x can be sent across the world with the same ease of sending a payment to someone in the same room. There is no elongated waiting time, no lofty international transfer fees, and no limiatitations on how much you can send.

IconControl over your fees

You don’t have to pay a dime to receive Bitcoin2x. You get to choose how high of a fee you pay - the higher the fee the faster the transaction confirmation time. These fees are also unrelated to the amount transferred, meaning you can send 1,000 Bitcoin2xs for the same price as 0.01 Bitcoin2x.

IconIdentity protection

Without access to your actual Bitcoin2x wallet or private key, there is no way someone can collect your information to steal your identity. You can even send payments without having to reveal who you are. However, it’s important to take certain precautions to protect yourself.