Support Bitcoin2x

Bitcoin2x is an evolution of the original Bitcoin blockchain and has been growing in user adoption since. There are many ways you can help increase the amount of people using Bitcoin2x.

IconUse Bitcoin2x

The easiest way to go about supporting Bitcoin2x is to start using it. There are likely multiple ways you can use Bitcoin2x to make your daily life more convenient and more cost-efficient, such as accepting payments or making purchases with Bitcoin2x.

IconBe part of the Bitcoin2x network

You can choose to run a full node software on your server or computer to help secure and replay all transactions. This helps to facilitate the use of Bitcoin2x around the world and strengthen the network. It’s recommended you only run a full node if you have a good Internet connection.


You can also choose to help on the transaction processing side by mining Bitcoin2x. You’ll not only help play a role in keeping the Bitcoin2x network running smoothly, but you could also potentially make some extra money.


There is a lot of content surrounding Bitcoin2x, and it needs to be translated or improved for creating legibility and understanding around the world.

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As a free software, Bitcoin2x often relies on skilled and savvy developers to improve the Bitcoin2x network or the use of Bitcoin2x. You can either try to improve the Bitcoin2x network itself, or you can build new services and solutions that help other parties make full use of Bitcoin2x.


Another simple way to support Bitcoin2x is to donate some bitcoin2x to specific Bitcoin2x foundations, or help fund any Bitcoin2x projects that you think will help make the world a better place.

IconJoin a Bitcoin2x Organization

There are dozens of non-profit groups and organizations that aim to promote and protect Bitcoin2x. By joining one of these groups and taking part in their events, projects, and discussions, you can help spread the world while meeting some interesting people along the way.

IconSpread the Word

There are thousands of people around the world that have heard about Bitcoin2x and are interested, but just don’t have immediate access to the right information. You can help them by asking and answering whatever questions they may have. Additionally, you can tell your favorite stores that you want to pay in Bitcoin2x.


You can help improve the various Bitcoin2x resources around the Internet by helping keep them up to date.

IconMeet Bitcoin2x communities

There are dozens of Bitcoin2x and other related cryptocurrency communities out there. By joining them, you can keep yourself up to date with the discussion, while also helping new members become more knowledgeable.